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On the Land


Watson Lake can boast about their fishing. We have lake trout, arctic grayling, northern pike, bull trout, rainbow trout, and kokanee salmon.

Fishing is found on numerous lakes, some stocked, rivers and creeks. Nothing as surreal as sinking a line in sparkling clear water and the excitement when you feel the tug of a caught fish.

There are a few fishing lodges that use Watson Lake as a jumping off point.


Each year hundreds of hunters come to experience the Yukon wilderness. Sheep, goat, moose, caribou, grizzly, black bear and wolf are the calling cards for hunters from all over the world. Outfitting businesses use Watson Lake as a hub for access to their big game concessions reaching into the Northwest Territories, British Columbia and the Yukon. With the pristine wilderness, remoteness and abundance of game, the Yukon remains a desired destination.

Yukon Outfitters Association
Hunting information can be obtained through the website. You may contact them at via email or at 867.668.4118.

How parents can teach their kinds to hunt safely


A century old business is still played out each winter in the quest for fur. Most trappers now use snowmobiles but a few prefer snowshoes and dogs. Yukon fur is highly prized with wolverine, lynx and marten being the most sought after.

There are quite a few active trappers in the Watson Lake area, some of who fly out before freeze up (October) and don’t come in until the end of trapping season (February).

There are trappers who take tourists out to experience their way of life and to most, they are amazed at the challenges faced every day. Extreme cold temperatures, overflow, the distances, the cabin life and the loneliness but on the other hand, the stillness, the display of northern lights and the satisfaction of a hard day’s work topped off by the beauty of the harvested furs.

Air Charter/Flightseeing Tours 

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