Donation Policy Application Form

  • In the interest of promoting social, leisure and recreational activities in Watson Lake, it is recognized that it is in the interest of both the Town of Watson Lake and municipal clubs and organizations to enter into financial agreements that benefit residents of Watson Lake.
  • Process:

    Submissions shall be reviewed by the Town of Watson Lake Management Team recommendations made to Council for final decision.
  • Applications:

    Deadline for Applications to be submitted to the TOWL by 430 pm on or before January 15, May 15 and September 15.

    Clubs and organizations may apply once a year for funding. Funding is intended to support club activities in a broad way and should not be project-specific.
  • Criteria:

    Written application should be made by the organization in a format that clearly addresses the following criteria.

    Grants and donations shall be evaluated using these criteria.

    Clubs and Organizations are not eligible to apply if alternative funding is available.

    For any criteria that do not apply please state not applicable on the application form to indicate that your application is complete.

    If additional information is required please feel free to submit attachments to your application.
  • Depth of user base:

  • Number of volunteers

  • Fund raising initiatives

  • Spinoffs

  • What is the annual O&M of the organization

    Submit a two year financial statements with your application. If this is a new club or organization, then a yearly budget is required.
  • Does the organization use Town facilities and what does that use look like

  • Long term growth plans

  • Communication strategy

  • What is the historical relationship between the Town and the organization?

  • Conflict of Interest

  • Benefit to TOWL

  • Collaboration

  • Executive Signature (Position)
  • Date